Furnace, Boiler, Heat Pump and Central Air Unit Repeated Problems

If you are facing repeated heating or cooling problems with your furnace, boiler, heat pump, central air or HVAC, residential or commercial, it might not be because you didn’t maintain the unit well. Sometimes, certain models that came from manufacturers came with defective parts that caused repeated problem with cooling and air condition units.

Heating and Cooling Problems.

Most of the time when you have need of an HVAC company to fix a heating or cooling problem replacing the problematic part should solve the problem, assuming the heating contractor investigated and pinpointed the problem correctly in the first instance.   A good heating, cooling and HVAC company will diagnose what is wrong with the system and use modern tools to connect to the units computer and even get a report as to what needs to be replaced as all modern heating and HVAC systems for home and commercial properties have self checking computerized systems a that can tell you which part caused the problem and needs to be replaced.  Make sure the HVAC company that you hire uses those tools.  Otherwise you are getting into a relationship with a company or technician that is guessing what is wrong with your HVAC or heating system and that is going to cost you a lot of money, and aggravation and time wasting as those guys are not knowledgeable, their HVAC knowledge in technology is not up to date.  They will replace for you one part after another until they will replace the right part and the system will be fixed and in the meantime you will have to pay much more and your building or home will be with no heat or cooling until they solve the problem.

Commercial HVAC Repairs.

Things get more expensive when you get into commercial heating and cooling units, especially the large ones that are top roofs units that need to be repaired.  Those top roof units are usually very easy to repair and investigate.  Most of them are made to last and serve your building for a very long time with a minimum or maintenance.  When you get an HVAC company to serve those top units and they don’t know what they are doing, you will not only have a hard time with the tenants heating and cooling in the offices, imagine an inexperienced HVAC company is telling you that such a 10, 15 or 20 ton unit needs to be replaced, which might be $20,000 and its all just because they don’t know how to investigate the problem in the existing unit or their motivation is to sell you new units instead of repairing, which is worse.

A good experienced heating and cooling HVAC repair service contractor company will be able to tell you if the cause of the problem is because a part just needs to be replaced or their are well known issues with that specific model of HVAC or central air that you have. Besides, HVAC manufacturers publish some of the information and replace model parts in order to avoid repeated problems and heating and cooling problems.

If your system is under warranty, everything will be covered, and for the aggravation there is nothing you can do but parts will be replaced for free.

If your HVAC model is out of the warranty, then you might have to pay out of pocket, but we don’t remember a situation where we could not solve continuous heating problems within any heating and cooling or HVAC systems, although the part was defective, there are replacements and other solutions that we can help you with so you can have peace of mind and not deal with continuous HVAC problems.

We are experts and work with most models and systems:

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  • Trane

  • Goodman

  • York

  • Bryant


  • Rheem

  • HEIL

  • Tempstar

  • Sears

  • Ruud

  • Amana

  • American Standard

  • Gibson

  • Janitrol

Feel free to contact us with any problems and we would be happy to help.  Our prices are reasonable and affordable and we are available to help you 24 hours a day and for any emergency heat, air conditioning or HVAC repair in New Jersey.

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