Heating Problems? Quick Check Ups Before Calling a Heating Repair Service Company

There are a few heating problems that can be solved very easily whether you have a boiler, furnace, or central air.  They all operate under certain basic functions and controllers, so you don’t have to have intensive technical knowledge in heating in order to investigate the problem, and you don’t have to be a licensed HVAC contractor to handle these simple check ups.

heating-repair-njEvery heat system has electric feet that turn on the system. In all heating systems there are 2 levels of electric feet; one is the high voltage which comes from the main breaker panel in your house and the second is low voltage which controls your heating system and it doesn’t matter which type you have or which model, it is always controlled by one thermostat or two depending on how many zones you have in the house.  A simple check up if your heat system is off can solve your problem, especially when it happens in the middle of the night or weekend when you might need to call a heating company.  First, go to your main panel breaker and make sure all breakers are up in the on position.  If you are in the house you usually will have a single breaker, which is marked 20, which is related to 20 amps.  If you have commercial heating unit that is not working, you should look for a double breaker, make sure those breakers that feed the power for the heating system are on.

If your house’s panel breaker is old, you might happen to have fuses, and not just a breaker you can click to the on position and you may need to replace the fuse.  It is always best practice to mark the fuses and breakers for their usage so in case of an outage anywhere in the house or in your business you will have an easier time to immediately find the breaker that belongs to your heating system.

Another device that you can check fairly easily is the thermostat.  There are mainly two types of thermostats in home/residential heating systems; the analog mechanical one which works with lead bubbles or the digital, which is most common today.  If you have the old fashioned mechanical one that you turn from left to right, try and turn it from left to right and see if you hear a ticking noise.  If there is a ticking noise that means that the thermostat is connection to the power of your heating system.  If you are using a digital one, try to see on the screen if you have a warning sign of week batteries or just try replacing the batteries so the thermostat can turn the system back on if that was the problem.

Another option is to check your re-set button if you have a boiler, Both steam or hot water boilers have a re-set button located usually on the front.  With the re-set button the lights will sometimes flash in a certain way which is a code for the technician that reveals the problem causing the boiler to be down.  If you see the button try holding it down for 5 seconds so the boiler can run a checkup and re-start.  Also another option is to check the water level of the boiler in case the sensor has shut down the boiler in order to protect it.

With central air problems and when a hot air system is down and you have no heat, the re-set button is usually contained within the unit so you would have to remove the front panel.  If you have never done and that and do not know how do not do this as there are high voltage parts inside the furnace so you have to call us for further investigation.

Heating systems in today’s world are fully controlled by electronic computer devices so the generations of knocking on the old tv or radio and its fixed are gone.  Parts are communicated and data is saved so a technician can access a log and see the cause of the problem.  So beyond these simple things, if your heat is still not working you should call us.  Remember that you need to make sure to also keep your house in a certain temperature to prevent frozen pipes even if you are not home.

As always, feel free to contact us anytime for any heat repair, even for emergency heat repair 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout New Jersey.

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