How To Keep Your Gas Furnace or Heating System Safe in Your Home or Building

Gas is one of the most important resources for heating.  it is an alternative to oil or electric energy and its much more flammable and dangerous if it is exposed to the air in your home or building.

In today’s world gas is one of the most efficient resources and its almost 97% efficiency.  in your house or building gas may be used in the furnace, water heater, dryer and stove. In all those appliances there is an open flame that is running within the unit.

  • Natural gas has no smell by nature, unusual smells like that of a rotten egg is added by the gas company so in case of a gas leak you will able to identify that there is gas in the air.Gas-Furnace-and-Heating
  • Gas pipes are running underground in your walls and ceilings and under floors, coming from the main gas meter.
  • If you smell gas you should immediately shut off the nearest gas valve of the appliances as every appliance has a local gas shut off valve.  It is also recommended to shut off the main gas valve until a technician will repair the leak.
  • A gas leak may be within a furnace or hot water heater, pipe connectors and the pipe itself.   There are ways to verify and check the gas leak and in some conditions you need to have specific tools.  Do not do it yourself, call a professional.
  • If your system has a gas filter, make sure to check it or change it according to the furnace or appliance manufacturers instruction.
  • Make sure your furnace or hot water heater has proper ventilation in the room as it is required for optimal burning and preventing carbon monoxide.

If you have any questions regarding any smell or gas, gas leaking and repair or advice please feel free to call us 24/7 any time.

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