No Heat? 5 Things To Check for a Furnace or Boiler Problem Before You Call a Heat Repair Service Company In NJ

If your furnace or boiler is off and there is no heat in your house or building, there are a few things you can check before you call a NJ heating repair company.  Assuming you know your house or building and with minimum knowledge, no you don’t have to be a licensed contractor.  A few checks may help you get the boiler or furnace started, and even if there is a further problem at least you will avoid emergency boiler or furnace repair.

  1. Every furnace or boiler has an electrical current connected to it that comes from the main panel breaker.  If you don’t know what the main panel breaker is just call a heating contractor company and he will locate it and help you.  It should be a 20 amp breaker that controls the power to the furnace, make sure this breaker is on.boiler-electric-panel
  2. It depends on your system, furnace or boiler, there is a disconnect switch that is usually located on the furnace box/body, which is used to turn on or off the furnace or boiler in case you want to maintain it or in case of emergency, that you want your boiler or furnace to be off and down immediately.  Make sure this power switch is in the “ON” mode and that someone did not by mistake forget to leave it on.
  3. In the old buildings and in some old homes you might find the switch located away from the boiler and the furnace for safety purposes, sometimes it might be by the entrance door by the boiler room or on the walls a few feet away from the boiler, so in case there is a fire you will still be able to shut off the boiler or furnace from a distance without being exposed to the risk.
  4. Take a look around if you have a disconnect that controls the power to the furnace, there are mainly two types of disconnect box, one is in the style of a breaker and the only thing you have to do is to flip it on and second, is in the style of fuses, old fashioned boiler with ceramic fuses, still come in some homes and buildings and in case you can see that you have a breaker you can easily flip it on, in case you have fuses we highly recommend you call All Done Heating Repair Service Company as it might be high voltage and you will not be able to touch it, replace or install a new one with your bare hands and without the knowledge required to replace the right amps and volt for that particular boiler or furnace system.
  5. If you have a new furnace or boiler, and I mean a furnace or boiler from 1995 and up, you may be able to see small lights, either red or green that are located in the front of the boiler or you can look through a window in the front panel to see if there are any blinking on and off lights that has to do with the furnace or boiler problem.  Those lights are meant to send a signal in case of a failure of a part within the furnace or boiler and the lights blink in a certain code to provide the heating repair technician the failure code to identify the part that is causing the furnace or boiler problem.
  6. You cannot do too much in reading the flashing lights as it requires higher training and you will need to hire a heating technician or heating company with a computer and module to get connected to your Emergncy boiler repair switchfurnace or boiler’s computer board connector.  But there is nearby a black reset button that is supposed to clear the systems memory and auto re-check and restart the system if it can.  As soon as you hit the button, within 5 to 10 second the furnace and boiler will re-boot and try to kick on.  Assuming you have the electrical power connected sometimes a re-boot will fix the problem, but only temporarily.furnce power control
  7. The above suggestions are small simple repairs and basic instructions for any boiler or furnace.  However, if you found taht one fo the items above caused your furnace to be down and not operating, you should call a technician to check the cause of the problem, as the repair is just temporary.  If a breaker tripped and the reset button actually caused the furnace to restart, something caused that to happen in the first place, and as it happened once it will likely happen again and you will have a furnace problem again.

So as soon as you can after teh heating emergency has passed contact All Done Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service and Installation Contractor Company and we will be happy to serve you for emergency heating repair in Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, union County, Passaic County and Morris County.  Have a good evening!

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