Why should I replace my existing furnace, boiler, or air conditioner?

Usually, the main reason for air conditioner replacement or heater replacement is age. As your furnace or AC gets older, it loses much of its original efficiency. Even with proper HVAC maintenance every year, air conditioners and heaters lose efficiency over time. As they get older, wear and tear causes them to need more energy– in the form of electricity and/or natural gas– to complete the same amount of work. This leads to higher utility bills, which can creep up over several years to ridiculous levels. It can also lead to higher repair costs several times a year. Not only will a new AC or furnace cost less to run– being up to 60% more efficient than older models– but there will be less need for repairs, which saves even more money. 90% of the time, it’s much more cost-effective to replace a furnace that’s over fifteen years old.