What Does Air Conditioning Efficiency Mean

Buying an air conditioning or heating unit these days is very different from 20 years ago.  A/C and heating systems are much more advanced and complicated, some of them already use a computer and as the world becomes advanced, government and HVAC companies are forcing manufacturers to build better systems specifically to reduce the cost of energy.  When you buy a new HVAC air conditioning system in addition to the size of the unit that you need to cool your home and business, one of the most important things to consider is the efficiency rate of the unit. The efficiency rate is calculated by SEER and can be between 16 and 20 for new air conditioning systems.   The higher the SEER score the higher the efficiency of the system and the lower your electric bill will be at the end of the month as your system will need to work less time to cool or to heat your home or your business and the electric meter eventually runs less.

Air-Conditioning-and-heating-Efficiency-infographThe time that passed by from the point that you turn on the air conditioning or heating thermostat until the time that the thermostat reaches the temperature that you set in the room will be determined by many factors that do not only depend on your air conditioning systems efficiency. For example, the following things directly  influence your monthly bill, even if your system has an efficiency of 20 SEER:

  • The numbers of external walls within the room.
  • The insulation level of a wall and especially the ceiling.
  • The size and the numbers of windows and the quality of your windows.
  • The number of opening doors and how many times people open and close the doors (for instance, in an office, supermarket or other high traffic areas, the door may be open 85% of the time).
  • The kind of floor that you have and what is under it, so if you have a carpet for instance, that is kind of like a blanket that saves heat.
  • The home or business location in terms of which floor its on, if your home is on the top floor you will lose more energy as the sun hits the roof directly.
  • The location of your house or business in terms of exposure to sun, wind or cold.
  • The amount of air that stays within the room in terms of openings that may cause drafts or let air escape.

So if you want to choose the highest efficiency system that is good but you should also consider the above items and improving some of these items in order to get a higher efficiency rate of heating or cooling your apartment, home or business.

Air conditioning or heating systems with a higher efficiency rates will cost more than the regular ones.  We usually calculate the cost of the machine plus the difference between the minimum SEER and the maximum SEER  in order to see how long it will take to get the extra that the client paid for the higher SEER back in reduced energy bills and when is the point that the extra cost is paid back and you begin reducing your monthly bill.  In most HVAC systems it will take about two to four years, depending on your air conditioner or heater size and brand to get back the money that you paid and start to have the high efficiency work for you and save you money in your monthly bill.

So in general, if you want to think long term, its better to take the highest efficiency unit if you can pay the initial cost as in the long run you will save on a monthly basis.

If you have any specific questions about installing or repairing a new system, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to do our best to help you.

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