Why Choose us to Install or Service Your Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning trade, and in general air conditioning system work, require many different skills combined together in order to properly service, repair and install air conditioning and heating  (HVAC) systems.  Most, if not all, home or business owners are clueless about the operation process of repair and installation in air conditioning and heating and choosing the right company that you can trust, that will not cut corners, will benefit you a lot.


When we say a lot, we mean can save you not only a lot of money within your monthly electric bill. Yes,  by installing the system with the right HVAC company you can actually save up to 30% of your monthly electricity bill.  That’s because if certain parts of the installation process are done right, which may usually take longer and cost a little more, can make your system have the highest efficiency intended by the manufacturer or if not done right you can lose up to 30%

of the efficiency that your HVAC manufacturer designed and the result will be that your HVAC system will need to run for a longer time in order to reach the same temperature that you set in your thermostat.  That means, bottom line, that your electric meter is running longer and by the end of the month your electric bill is much higher than it would be if you had an installation that was done the right way.

In addition, installing a new air  conditioning condenser in the right way, will not only allow the system to run at top efficiency and save you money, but your system will also run at top performance and your air conditioning system will last longer.  That means to you a longer life for your air conditioner that will have less service, less repairs, minimum service calls to HVAC companies, minimum break downs (and usually you need the service repair in the middle of the night or the weekend when its 100 degrees outside, so its less hassle for you and your family or business) and in general a longer life for your air conditioning system and parts, like your condenser or air handler, so you don’t need to pay the high cost of replacement after a short time.

Working with us to install your new air conditioning or heating system will provide you a great benefit as if you are one of our clients and you have an emergency and need 24/7 service we will come to you first and serve you before any new client that called for an air conditioner break or heater down and needs the repair immediately.  Especially when you have a business with employees or equipment that you need to operate and if the heating or cooling system is not working right or completely down, that means that your business is completely down, your employees may have to go home and you may not be able to serve client.  When you are our client we appreciate your business and will come to serve you quickly, honestly and at the lowest cost.

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