Carrier HVAC Air Conditioning and Heating Boiler Furnace Repair Service Installation & Replacement

Carrier is one of America’s best-known heating and air conditioning brands– and also one of the oldest. In fact, the company’s founder, Willis Carrier, actually invented the modern air conditioner in 1902. Ever since then, Carrier has been a leader in residential and commercial HVAC innovation. Today, the Carrier brand manufactures an impressive variety of air conditioners, heaters, furnaces, and boilers. Carrier has a range of models among numerous product lines, providing a product for almost any home or business’s unique cooling needs. Whether you need HVAC installation service for a large commercial building, or a small apartment, Carrier has a product designed for you.

At All Done HVAC, our experienced, licensed heating & cooling service contractors proudly install and service a wide variety of modern Carrier HVAC products. If you need a Carrier AC or heater repaired, replaced, or installed, our company knows all about this venerable company’s great product offerings. We offer:

  • Carrier HVAC Installation Service
  • Carrier HVAC Repairs
  • Carrier HVAC Replacements

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Carrier Commercial Repair and Replacement

Carrier produces an impressive range of commercial HVAC products, from smaller units to large-scale, heavy-duty systems designed for industrial use. In recent decades, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability have become major concerns, and when it comes to eco-friendly commercial HVAC installation, Carrier doesn’t disappoint.

At All Done HVAC, our experienced team of commercial air conditioning service contractors are skilled at working with high-capacity Carrier commercial AC systems, from modest units all the way up to heavy-duty systems with capacities in excess of 100 tons.

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Carrier Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial Packaged AC Units

  • Indoor Self-Contained Air Conditioning Units. Carrier’s Roomtop and Omnizone standalone commercial air conditioners are quiet, compact, and efficient. Containing air-cooled, remote cooled, and water-cooled AC units, and ranging from 3 tons in capacity all the way to a sizeable 100 tons, there’s an Omnizone model for commercial buildings of many different sizes.
  • Packaged Outdoor Commercial AC Units. Carrier offers both packaged outdoor units and dedicated outdoor air systems. Designed as commercial rooftop air conditioners, these impressive pieces of HVAC machinery are built to last. Carrier’s dedicatd outdoor air system units range from 6-35 tons in capacity, with airflow ranging from 700 to 9000 cfm. The packaged outdoor rooftop ACs include units with SEER ratings up to 20.8– the WeatherExpert 48LC— as well as including a variety of commercial AC options ranging in capacity from 3 to 150 tons.
  • Commercial Split System Air Conditioning SystemsCarrier’s commercial split system AC installation options are designed to meet the robust HVAC needs of businesses and industrial buildings. Including condensing units, cooling units, chilled water units, and heat pumps, the highly varied Gemini product line ranges from as low as 6 tons in capacity, all the way up to 130 tons.

Carrier Air Conditioning Repairs, Replacement and New Installation

If you have a Carrier air conditioning system installed in your home, our experienced contractors at All Done HVAC are ready to help you with Carrier AC repair, air conditioning replacement, and more. Carrier invented the modern air conditioner, and even today, they continue to innovate within the home AC industry, providing dozens of excellent products designed with different specifications, to meet different residential cooling needs.

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Carrier Air Conditioning Repairs

At All Done HVAC, our team of knowledgeable air conditioning contractors are well versed in all of Carrier’s diverse residential AC products. From traditional split systems, to cutting-edge ductless air conditioning solutions, we know the ins and outs of all the great Carrier products that are out there today. When you call us for air conditioning repair service in New Jersey, you’ll know your Carrier system is in good hands.

Carrier Home Air Conditioning Installation

If you’re ready for air conditioning replacement, why not go for a new Carrier AC installation? Carrier’s impressive range of products can meet almost any homeowner’s need for a cool, comfortable indoor environment during hot summer days. Their key residential product lines include:

  •  The Infinity Series. Carrier’s Infinity series are designed to be among the quietest, most efficient air conditioning installation options on the market today. In terms of SEER rating, the industry standard for energy efficiency, Infinity models’ ratings range from 16 SEER for the Infinity 16, all the way up to 21 SEER for the Infinity 21. In terms of decibels, the loudest model in the line is the Infinity 17 Coastal at only 67 decibels, and the quietest is the Infinity 19VS at a mere 56 decibels. If you’re interested in a compact, quiet, and energy-efficient option for Carrier air conditioning installation, the Infinity line is for you.
  • The Performance Series. Although not as efficient or quiet as the Infinity ACs, the Performance series is still an impressive line of air conditioners, at a relatively modest price. The Performance 17 comes in at up to 17 SEER; if it’s a quiet unit you’re looking for, the Performance 14 rivals the Infinity series at only 66 decibels.
  • The Comfort Series. This line, although Carrier’s most economical selection of AC units, still carries impressive specifications. The Comfort 16 units have a 16 SEER rating, and a noise level as low as 72 decibels. For homeowners looking for home comfort on a budget, the Comfort Series is a solid choice for home air conditioning installation.

If you’re looking for an ultra-efficient solution for smaller spaces, Carrier also offers an impressive line of ductless mini-split air conditioning installation options. Created to cool separate rooms independently without any ductwork, these Carrier air conditioners are ultra-quiet and impressively efficient, as well as compact enough for even the smallest homes.

  • Toshiba Carrier Residential Series Ductless. With an incredibly SEER rating of 23 SEER for all models, this line is unparalleled for sheer efficiency– saving money on cooling costs, as well as being a “green” AC solution. This line of ductless ACs is also incredibly quiet, compared to split system ACs: only 26 decibels, a mere whisper as far as HVAC noise is concerned.
  • Infinity Residential Series Ductless. These innovative ductless HVAC units come as both air conditioners, and as heat pumps. The more efficient of the two models, the High Wall Heat Pump, earns an incredible SEER rating of 30.5. The alternate model, the Multi Zone Heat Pump, is the quieter of the two models, at a hushed 22 decibels.
  • Performance Residential Series Ductless. This line of Carrier air conditioner installation options is moderately priced, with a SEER of up to 15, and noise levels ranging from 28-31 decibels.

Carrier Heating  Repair Services

Along with their venerable air conditioning manufacture, Carrier also produces an impressive range of residential heating systems to meet your home comfort needs during our frigid New Jersey winters. At All Done HVAC, we provide comprehensive heating repair services for all recent Carrier heating systems, including boiler repairs, furnace repairs, and more.

We also provide quality Carrier heating system installation & heater replacement. If your old heater is far past its prime, why not invest in a great new Carrier model that will last for years to come? They have an excellent range of options, designed for homes of any size.

To find out more about Carrier heating repair for furnaces, boilers, and more– or to learn about Carrier heating installation for your New Jersey home– call us today at All Done HVAC, at 201-540-0977.

Carrier Boiler Services

If you’re interested in new boiler installation, Carrier provides a variety of excellent and surprisingly efficient models to choose from.

  • Performance Series Gas Boiler. Designed for homes with radiant heating systems, the Performance Series provides comfort and efficiency, along with impressive longevity and resilience. Ranging from 82.0-90.0% AFUE, they also provide an impressive level of efficiency.
  • Performance Series Oil Boiler. With AFUEs rivaling the Performance Series gas boilers, these oil boiler installation options are top of the line.
  • Comfort Series Gas Boiler. Carrier’s budget option for gas boiler installation doesn’t fail to impress, with up to 81.6% AFUE for the line’s top model, the Comfort 80 BW2.

Carrier Furnace Services

Carrier offers an impressively robust selection of both gas furnaces and oil furnaces. From their cutting-edge, high-end models, to their modestly priced options, there’s a Carrier furnace for every home size and budget.

Gas Furnaces

  • Infinity Series Gas Furnace with Greenspeed Intelligence. This top-of-the-line model boasts an efficiency of up to 98.5% AFUE, making it a top choice for one of the finest gas furnace options on the market today.
  • Infinity Series Gas Furnaces. The rest of the Infinity Series are designed especially for northern climates with freezing cold winter temperatures. Both the Infinity 96 and the Infinity 80 boast excellent sound ratings, and the 96 model also has up to 96% AFUE.
  • Performance Series Gas Furnaces. As Carrier’s midrange gas furnace line, the Performance Series includes great heating products at a more modest price point than their Infinity series. With an AFUE up to 96.7%, the Performance 96 is this line’s most efficient offering.
  • Comfort Series Gas Furnaces. The Comfort series includes Carrier’s most economical gas furnace installation options, while still maintaining an impressive level of quality and energy efficiency. The line’s top model, the Comfort 95, boasts an impressive 95.5% AFUE, despite its affordable pricing.

Oil Furnaces

  • Performance Series Oil Furnaces. These solid home oil furnace installation options are designed to balance powerful heating capabilities with quietness, compactness, and efficiency. Ranging from 85.7% to 86.6% AFUE, they’re impressively efficient.
  • Comfort Series Oil Furnaces. Designed to provide warmth and comfort at a highly affordable price, the Comfort Series is still a decidedly efficient option. The Comfort 80 OBL, the most efficient unit in this product line, maintains an impressive 86.6% AFUE.

At All Done HVAC, we proudly provide Carrier HVAC repairs, HVAC replacement, air conditioning & heating installation, and more. Whether your AC or furnace needs some basic repair services, or you’re ready for heater or air conditioning replacement with a durable, efficient new Carrier HVAC unit, we’re here to answer all of your questions and meet all of your Carrier HVAC service needs. To find out more, call us today at All Done HVAC, at 201-540-0977.