Commercial Boiler Repair for NJ Building and Facilities

Having problems with the commercial boiler at your building or facilities? Like any appliance, a heavy-duty commercial gas, oil, or steam boiler isn’t immune to unexpected failures and breakdowns. When you’re trying to run a business, a sudden boiler failure can be a serious headache. In the New Jersey climate, harsh winters make central heating indispensable, and when your boiler stops working, you’ll need to call a professional contractor for commercial boiler repair in NJ.

At All Done commercial boiler repair, we work with all types of commercial boilers from dozens of boilers manufacturers, including Lennox boiler, Carrier boiler service service , York boiler repair, and Rheem boiler repair. Call us any time for fast, reliable 24 hour commercial boiler repair throughout northern NJ, from contractors with years of professional experience.

Commercial Steam Boiler Repair in NJ

Commercial steam boilers rely on a series of steam pipes that convey hot steam throughout a building. Both the steam boiler itself and the pipes can develop problems that prevent the boiler from successfully providing enough heat to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Some of the most common issues that our contractors find in NJ steam boilers and boiler pipes include:

  • Water leaks from the steam boiler tank. If a steam boiler tank is leaking, there may be noticeable water pooled around near its base. Steam boiler tank leaks, as opposed to pipe leaks, are usually a sign of serious tank corrosion. Over time, exposure to water, minerals, and heat will eat away at the metal tank, creating holes that hemmorhage water. At this point, the boiler will need to be replaced completely.
  • Water leaks from steam pipes. Steam pipes can develop leaks from loose joints, or from cracks or pinholes in the pipes. This causes water damage in surrounding areas, so it’s important to repair or replace the pipes. The holes and water leakage will impair the flow and pressure of the steam itself, which can lead to reduced heating.
  • Sediment buildup inside the tank. Water contains trace amounts of minerals and sediments, and over time, these materials gradually deposit themselves at the base of the steam boiler tank. This raises the pressure and temperature inside the tank, leading to overheating that strains the boiler.
  • Noisy steam pipes. Pipes that are pitched at the wrong angle, sagging downward, or subject to elevated steam pressure can shake and rattle, producing loud noises that may be audible in areas of the building.

NJ Commercial Gas Boiler Repair Service NJ

Commercial gas boilers have their own set of problems, much of which can be fixed by an experienced commercial boiler repair contractor. These boilers use natural gas as a power source, which can make them a cost-effective commercial heating solution in many areas of NJ. Some of the most common issues with gas boilers include:

  • Faulty ignition or pilot light. Electric ignition systems are short-lived, often needing replacement every two or three years. Safety switches and control boards can also present problems that require commercial gas boiler repair.
  • Rapid cycling. A gas boiler with wiring or mechanical problems can begin to turn itself on and off again much more frequently than it should. This indicates an internal problem, as well as wasting a significant amount of energy.
  • Gas leaks. Gas leaks are very serious, and it’s important to have carbon monoxide detectors installed. In the event of a gas leak, the natural gas main line should be shut off, and emergency commercial boiler repair contractors should be brought in immediately.

NJ Commercial Oil Boiler Repair Services NJ

Commercial oil boilers aren’t as common as gas boilers and steam boilers. In the past, the low cost of oil in the northeastern United States made them a popular choice, but nowadays, natural gas is generally more cost effective.

Most existing oil boilers are relatively old, so they can often be prone to problems. If possible, you may want to consider oil to gas boiler conversion for your business. Issues with oil boilers can include:

  • Oil leaks. Small amounts of oil can leak out of the boiler, pooling in nearby areas. Although it’s messy to clean up, it isn’t a health hazard like leaking natural gas.
  • Cracked heat exchangers. In an oil boiler, a cracked heat exchanger could potentially introduce carbon monoxide into the air supply.
  • Ignition and pilot light issues. Like gas boilers, commercial oil boiler repair in NJ may be needed to fix a safety switch or replace an ignition.

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