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Looking for a new high capacity furnace for your New Jersey business? Commercial furnaces come in a range of types and sizes, designed for different capacities to accommodate buildings of a wide range of sizes. From downtown office buildings to small storefront shops, there’s a commercial furnace installation option that will fit your needs. At All Done HVAC, we routinely install great new commercial furnaces from dozens of top manufacturers, including Carrier furnace installation, York furnace installation, Lennox furnace installation, and more. Call us any time to talk to one of our friendly, experienced contractors about your options for commercial furnace installation in NJ.

Commercial Furnace Installation: Types of Furnaces

There are several different types of commercial furnaces available in NJ, and you’ll want to select one based on a balance of cost effectiveness and fuel efficiency. A highly efficient furnace will cost more up front, but may confer energy savings over time. More moderately priced furnaces tend to be less efficient, although all furnaces sold in North America are required to meet guidelines that include a minimum annual fuel efficiency rating. Even a budget-priced modern oil furnace or gas furnace will often be more efficient than models from ten or twenty years ago.

Some of the main types of commercial furnace installation that are available include:

  • Single zone furnaces. A single zone furnace is designed to heat one area uniformly, often with heating and air conditioning systems sharing the same set of ducts. These are quite common in residences, as well as in small offices and storefronts.
  • Multiple zone furnaces. These furnace systems are ideal for larger buildings, such as downtown office buildings. The building as a whole can be divided into “zones,” which are regulated by their own thermostats. Multiple zone furnaces are often combined with automation systems that control temperature and airflow automatically.
  • Constant volume. Constant volume HVAC systems provide each zone in a multiple zone setup with a constant airflow volume. You’ll often see these in large commercial buildings.
  • Variable volume. This allows users to control the amount of air delivered to each zone.

A certified HVAC contractor can help you determine which style of commercial furnace installation will make the most sense for your particular business.

Considering Cost and Fuel Efficiency: Budget, Midrange, and High End Commercial Furnace Installation

When you’re looking into commercial furnace installation for your business, you’ll also want to think about both your budget for the up-front costs, and your ongoing budget for energy costs. Most commercial furnace manufacturers will divide their gas furnaces and oil furnaces into several product lines, designed to meet different needs. You’ll often see a budget line, a midrange line, and a high end line.

Budget priced commercial furnaces are inexpensive to purchase, but you’ll notice that they’re not as efficient as their pricier counterparts. For furnaces, fuel efficiency is measured with a metric called AFUE, or “annual fuel usage efficiency.” A good example of a typical budget-friendly gas furnace is the Carrier Comfort 95. Although it’s designed for home use, not commercial capacities, you’ll notice that even though it’s a low-end model, it still boasts a 95% AFUE. Carrier’s midrange Performance Series models tend to boast a slightly higher AFUE over 96%, and AFUE ratings for the high-end Infinity Series gas furnaces can be as high as 98.9%. Although these are residential models, you can still see that there’s an inverse relationship between price and fuel efficiency.

So will a 3-5% difference in the AFUE actually save you enough money to justify a higher up-front cost for commercial furnace installation? It’s hard to say, and you may need to do a bit of math to optimize your choice. You may also want to keep in mind that higher-end commercial furnaces tend to be better constructed, and will often last longer and present fewer problems. Paying for quality could save you a hassle later on.

To find out more about your options for commercial furnace installation in NJ, call us any time at All Done HVAC. Our knowledgeable contractors can help you determine a good fit for commercial furnace installation for your business.

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