Haier HVAC Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Services

With a company history dating back to the 1920s, Haier Group is a Chinese company that manufactures a wide range of electronic and HVAC products, including televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, mobile phones– and of course, heating and air conditioning systems. Originally known as the Qingdao Refrigerator Company, the Haier brand name was created in 1991 to encompass the company’s refrigeration and HVAC product lines.

Nowadays, Haier offers a range of home comfort and commercial HVAC products. Although their selection covers a narrower range of product types than many other well-known heating and air conditioning brands, Haier provides a great selection of compact, efficient air conditioners for home cooling. If you’re looking for a great, space-saving residential air conditioning installation solution, Haier products might be perfect for cooling your New Jersey home.

For fast, reliable Haier product air conditioning repair in New Jersey, as well as new Haier HVAC installation, call us today at All Done HVAC, at 201-540-0977. With 24-hour emergency repairs, free problem troubleshooting and diagnosis, and experienced AC repair contractors, we’re always available to help you with all your Haier air conditioning needs.

Haier Air Conditioning Replacement & Repair

Is your Haier air conditioner failing to cool your home? Residential air conditioning systems can break down for any of a number of reasons– frozen coils, burned-out electrical components, faulty fan motors, and many other internal problems. At All Done HVAC, our team of experienced air conditioner repair contractors know all the “ins and outs” of Haier AC systems, enabling us to quickly identify and fix the problem. We’re always available for 24-hour emergency air conditioning repair service– if your A/C goes out on a hot Saturday afternoon, you know who to call. We also offer diagnostics, absolutely free of charge– we’ll come out and look at the problem with no cost to you. With affordable pricing and flexible financing options, we’ll work with you to meet your air conditioning repair needs quickly and effectively.

For same-day air conditioning repairs for Haier residential HVAC products in New Jersey, call us today at All Done HVAC, at 201-540-0977.

Haier Residential AC Installation Service

Looking for a compact, efficient new air conditioner for your New Jersey home? At All Done HVAC, we commonly provide air conditioning installation in New Jersey for a range of great Haier air conditioning products. Haier specializes in room air conditioners and through-the-wall air conditioners. These compact, efficient, and ductless options are a great choice for smaller spaces with more modest cooling needs during the summer. To find out more about Haier home air conditioning installation in New Jersey, call us today at All Done HVAC.

Haier Room Air Conditioners

Haier offers a wide range of room air conditioners, designed to fit a variety of budgets, room sizes, and energy efficiency preferences. Room air conditioners are a simple, effective cooling option, with simple AC installation and easy maintenance needs. For apartments, mobile homes, and other spaces that might not need a full central air conditioning system, Haier room air conditioners are a great choice. Some of their most popular models include:

  • ESN424N Room Air Conditioners. These Energy Star qualified room ACs are a great, efficient air conditioning installation option. With features like an Energy Save function, 24hour timer, sleep mode, and Braille-equipped remote control, this room air conditioner is designed to fit into windows ranging from 29″ to 39″ in width, and at least 19.13″ in height.
  •  Haier ESA405p. This remote controlled window air conditioner is another popular choice for air conditioning installation from Haier. With three fan speeds and multiple fan modes, it provides flexible options for variable room cooling. With a minimum window width requirement of under 22 inches, it can fit into a highly compact window space.
  • The ESAQ406p. Designed for windows about 27-39″ wide, this air conditioner is another popular window-mounted option from Haier. It’s remote controlled and Energy Star certified, providing efficient cooling and flexible modes and fan speeds.

 Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners from Haier

Through-the-wall air conditioners are similar to room air conditioners, but instead of being mounted in a window, they’re directly installed into the wall of a room. Providing more effective and efficient cooling than window ACs, this style of air conditioning installation is a great choice for cooling small spaces like apartments and small offices. Popular Haier through-the-wall air conditioners include:

  •  The EST10XCP. This through-the-wall AC installation option from Haier provides both cool and fan modes, with four-way air direction sensing and control.
  • EST10VCP.
  • EST12XCP.

These are just a few of the many great through-the-wall air conditioning installation options available from Haier. To find out more about compact, efficient Haier air conditioning installation in New Jersey, call us today at All Done HVAC, at 201-540-0977.

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Along with their great residential room and through-the-wall air conditioners, Haier also produces an impressive line of ductless mini-split commercial air conditioning systems. Ductless air conditioning installation is a highly efficient choice for central cooling, combining the power and flexibility of a split system with a compact design that doesn’t require any HVAC air ducts. If you’re interested in ductless air conditioning installation for your New Jersey business, call us today at All Done HVAC and ask about Haier products: 201-540-0977. Our experienced commercial AC service contractors will be happy to talk to you about Haier’s selection of efficient, affordable ductless A/C systems.

Ductless Air Conditioners from Haier

Haier offers several lines of ductless air conditioning systems, designed for commercial use. Balancing compact size with considerable cooling power, Haier’s ductless ACs are a great choice for smaller commercial spaces that need a central cooling solution.

  •  Advanced Series. Haier’s Advanced Series is their top-of-the-line ductless air conditioning installation solution, offering incredible energy efficiency ratings of up to 23 SEER.
  • Novel Series. The Novel Series is designed for a good balance of economic value, good performance, and above-average energy efficiency– up to 20 SEER.
  • Easy Series. The Easy Series of ductless AC systems from Haier is economically priced, as well as being designed to double as a dehumidifier.

To find out more about commercial air conditioning installation & AC replacement options from Haier, or to ask about our same-day air conditioning repairs, call us today at All Done HVAC, at 201-540-0977.