Oil Leak and Wet Spot Oil Leaking

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Have you noticed that there’s an unusual wet spot near your oil furnace, boiler, or steam boiler? If you notice a wet spot, oil leaking is the most likely cause– especially if it’s accompanied by an unusual smell. A home furnace or boiler oil leak can be a tiny, almost unnoticeable drip, or a huge flood of smelly, viscous oil in your basement.

For oil leaks large and small, you’re going to need a professional. At All Done HVAC, we’re available 24 hours a day, every day, for emergency home oil leak repair in New Jersey. Oil leaks are messy and hard to deal with, as well as potentially posing a fire hazard. When you notice a wet spot, oil leak repair is a must.

At All Done HVAC, we provide a full range of oil leak repair and cleanup services for your home heating system, including:

For fast, reliable oil leak repair for your heating system, call us today at All Done HVAC.

Oil Leak Repair Service

If you see a wet spot, oil leaking from your furnace, boiler, or steam boiler is probably the reason why. Unlike natural gas leakage, which is extraordinarily dangerous, an oil leak is somewhat less alarming. However, it can still pose a fire hazard, and large spills can emit noxious vapors in poorly ventilated areas. It’s important to respond to an oil leak immediately by calling a heating repair company.

Some of the problems that an oil leak can cause include:

  • Fire hazard, especially with larger spills.
  • Noxious vapors from a major furnace or boiler oil leak in a poorly ventilated area.
  • Property damage. Oil can soak into concrete floors, wooden support beams, and other areas, causing significant damage.

A steam boiler or furnace oil leak should be repaired by an experienced HVAC professional from a heating repair company. Our oil leak repair process includes:

  • Cleanup. Oil leaks, even small ones, need to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Materials like sawdust help us safely soak up pools of oil, and items like clothing and furniture need to be removed from the area. Fuel oil can irritate the skin and lungs, so we use the proper safety items like gloves, masks, and eye protection.
  • Repairing the leak. Our heating service contractors are experts in the design and operation of your furnace, boiler, or steam boiler. We know exactly where to look it find the source of the leak, so that we can perform the appropriate repairs to eliminate the problem.

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