Smell of Gas, Oil or a Burning Odor.

Does your heater, furnace, or boiler smell like gas, oil, see smoke or burning? This is almost always a sign of a potentially emergency problem. If you smell a gas smell, burning smell, or oil smell coming from your heat system boiler or furnace, it’s almost always a sign that you need our professional heating repairs as soon as possible. Call us 24-hour for any repair service furnace, boiler, gas and oil system in New Jersey at 201-540-0977.

At All Done HVAC, we’re available at any time for emergency heating repair service. Heating problems can’t wait on a frigid winter night, so at All Done HVAC, we can come out for repairs at any time. Why choose us? We’re focused not only on quality workmanship and thorough repairs, but fantastic customer service. We offer you:

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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

For New Jersey’s fastest service for all commercial and residential furnace and boiler heating problems , All Done Boiler and furnace services. We can diagnose and repair all kinds of issues with furnaces, boilers, and other heating systems, such as:

  • Gas smell
  • Oil smell
  • Burning smell
  • Faulty ignition or pilot light
  • Insufficient heating
  • Noisy boiler pipes

Gas Smell from Furnace

If your furnace or boiler runs on natural gas, you might notice one day that it’s emitting the distinctive “gas smell.” If your furnace smells like gas, stop reading this right now. Go and turn off your gas immediately, and ventilate the area. This is incredibly important, because a gas leak is incredibly dangerous for you and your family. Obviously, natural gas is highly combustible– this is exactly why it’s such a common fuel source for furnaces. It can catch fire or even explode when it accumulates in an area. Secondly, it’s very toxic. Natural gas contains carbon monoxide, a deadly gas often known as the “silent killer.” If you notice a gas smell, seek medical help if you’re experiencing symptoms like headaches, drowsiness, confusion, or disorientation. These are classic signs of CO poisoning.

After you’ve shut off the gas valve and turned off your furnace, the next step is to call a professional. Because natural gas is so dangerous, you need to call a furnace repair contractor immediately after you’ve noticed the problem and taken the initial steps to stop a potential gas leak. At All Done HVAC, you can call us any time– even in the middle of the night– for heating repairs because of a gas smell.

Oil Smell from Heater

An oil smell is a problem encountered with an oil furnace or oil boiler. Unlike a gas smell, an oil smell isn’t a sign of imminent danger. However, it’s a sign that your may need furnace repair or maintenance. However, it’s still a good idea to turn the heater off. Although any CO byproduct is normally vented safely away from your home, it can leak indoors if you have a cracked heat exchanger, so it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Oil smells often indicate an oil leak, so give us a call at All Done HVAC for fast, reliable furnace repairs.

Burning Smell from Boiler or Furnace

If your furnace or boiler smells like it’s burning, there are several possible causes:

  • Dirt and dust. When dirt and dust build up on parts of your heating system, it will naturally begin to burn away. The unpleasant burning smell is carried into your home along with the warm air. This is a fairly normal occurrence, and usually dissipates after about half an hour.
  • Clogged filters. If your air filters are dirty and clogged, it will strain your heating system, causing the motor to become overworked. This can lead to a burning smell.
  • Damaged internal parts. In some cases, a burning smell from a furnace or boiler is a sign of a deeper problem than dust. This may need professional heating repairs.

Fast 24 Hour Heating Repairs in NJ

Some weird smells from your furnace or boiler, like a gas smell, are dangerous. Others, like a burning smell, are usually fairly benign. However, you should never ignore unusual odors from your heating system. If something doesn’t smell right, call us today at All Done HVAC for 24-hour heating repair service, at 201-540-0977.