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Is your NJ malfunctioning air conditioner leaking? or water pump have you sweating the heat?

All Done HVAC is your New Jersey HVAC service company expert for AC water pump repair or A/C water pump replacement.

With fast, reliable service from skilled technicians, fair prices & free estimates, we’ll have you chilling out in no time.

Our service pros are on call 24 hours a day to provide you with fast & reliable emergency AC water pump service in NJ.

Emergency NJ Air Condition Repair Service. 

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Air conditioner water pump problems and water leak can be fixed quickly in a short service call.

All Done HVAC helps get your air conditioner water pump operating properly with:

·        Fast, courteous service

·        Expert advice on air conditioner water pump problems

·        Free up-front estimates

·        Licensed & certified service professionals

·        Quality parts

·        Professional air conditioner water pump repair and installation for all makes & models

·        AC / HVAC water leak repair and prevention. 

·        Routine air conditioner water pump service & maintenance

·        Clean-up after the job is done – we treat your home with respect

·        100% satisfaction guarantee

Our service professionals will arrive at your home or business in 45 minutes or less, in a vehicle stocked with the parts needed to repair your air conditioner water pump.

Our technician will diagnose the problem and discuss it with you, offer expert advice, and provide you with a price before performing any repairs.

After your air conditioner water pump repair or A/C pump replacement, he will clean up the work area and leave your home looking like nothing ever happened.

Air Conditioning Water Pump Repair in NJ

All Done HVAC can quickly assess and fix problems with your air conditioner’s water pump and get your air conditioning working properly again.

Whether the problem is clogged drainage lines, calibration of the float, or a burned-out motor, All Done HVAC’s service technicians have the parts and expertise to repair or replace your malfunctioning A/C water pump.

Signs you need an A/C water pump repair or replacement include:

·        Water puddle under under A/C air handler unit

·        A/C unit will not operate & condensate pan is full

·        A/C water pump reservoir is full but pump does not turn on

All Done HVAC has the expertise to service and repair all makes and models of air conditioner water pumps.

Although the air conditioner water pump is a small component in your A/C system, if it is malfunctioning the entire system stops working properly; many newer systems include switches to prevent system operation when the pump malfunctions, to prevent water from overflowing the condensate pan & damaging building components.

A/C water pumps are required for any system where the air handling unit is located lower than grade, or for any system where a simple gravity drain to the building exterior or an interior drain is not enough.  When an A/C system is in operation, it is continually producing condensate as warm, humid air is drawn across the refrigerant coils & rapidly chilled.  A condensate pan below the coils captures the moisture as it drips from the coils.  For systems located below-grade, or for systems where the condensate needs to be moved a long distance or upward into a drain line, a pump to remove the condensate is needed.

Water Pump A/C Repair in NJ

The A/C water pump for your air conditioner gets heavy use during every cooling season.

A pump will typically last about 10 years if well-maintained and serviced.

If your A/C water pump is 10 years old or older, the best option is to replace it when it malfunctions.  Air conditioner water pumps can fail much sooner if not maintained.

Our service techs will advise you regarding repair or replacement of your current A-C water pump.

In many cases, replacement of the pump may be no more costly than repairing the existing pump.

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Whether you need an emergency A/C water pump repair or A/C water pump replacement, All Done Heating & Air is your northern New Jersey choice for A/C water pump problems.   Call today for fast, friendly & reliable professional service at a fair price, with your satisfaction guaranteed.

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